蛇毒肽是更优异的肉毒杆菌替换品 ?多肽抗皱效果相当优异
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Eristostatin is a small molecule synthetic peptide that mimics the activity of eristostatin. The mechanism of action simulates snake venom serum, also known as dipeptide diaminobutyryl benzylamide diacetate. It mainly simulates the effect of snake venom on muscle paralysis in human body, paralyzes and contracts the nerve of muscle, and blocks the signal transmission, so as to smooth the skin and relieve various kinds of wrinkles.

蛇毒肽是更优异的肉毒杆菌替换品?多肽抗皱效果相当优异.png


Snake venom peptide, also known as syn-ake, has been widely used in the cosmetics industry and can be found in the ingredients of various products.


The similar product widely used in the market is facial wrinkle-removing needle, also known as Botox, which is extremely easy to cause facial stiffness and facial paralysis. It requires high technical requirements and dose requirements for doctors, and the risk is also quite high. Its expensive price and short duration make it very uncost-effective. Eristopeptide does not need to be injected, and its effect is fast and obvious, which is far safer and more effective than botox injection. Snake venom peptide can suppress muscle contractions, relax tight muscle, also have a good effect on the static grain that botox can't solve. Snake venom peptide is synthesized through amino acid orientation, the effect will not be as strong as snake venom venom, can be safely used. We have long experience in the production of high quality snake venom peptide, and can provide a large number of quality products, if you have needs and intentions, welcome to our Hangzhou Peptide good biotechnology Co., LTD consulting.